Last night the wind was howling something awful, so *that’s* what a cold front sounds like. It was like November was late for class, and so ran as fast as he could to get there on time last night, and this morning he was all huffing and puffing and saying “See? Cold! It’s November now, heh heh…what?” Silly seasons.

I saw the Lion King (onstage) Tuesday night, it was frickin amazing. If my interest in puppetry was just a lingering possibility before, it’s now properly inspired to “life goal.” I will make puppets!!

I loved the Zazu puppet, the hyena suits, and the big Timon puppet the best. The cheetah was great, too. It took me forever to realize that its head was attached to to operator’s head with wires, I was sitting there and staring trying to figure out how it moved.

Art History paper: complete. Rock!

4 thoughts on “Whoosh!”

  1. oooh! i am sooo jealous. I want to see the live lion king someday.. i’ve only seen a couple photos, but the masks and the puppets! mrr!

    We have the howling wind, too. Also murr.

    1. Oh yeah, I’d definately jump on a chance to see it if you get one. It’s so great! The masks and the puppets looked awesome in photos to me, but seeing them in action is absolutely astounding.

  2. Hello

    Hey, I found your journal and was reading a couple of entries when I came upon this one. I think the costumes in the Lion King are amazing. It’s one of the things that got me into theatre. Did you know they did a segment on the show (the design process of the masks, costumes, and sets) during the ’98 Tony Awards? It not much, but it is interesting. I have a tape of it if your interested.

    Jessica S.

    1. Re: Hello

      I think I actually remember a snippet of that, or perhaps it was some other program. I really want to get that book about it, I think it’s called Pride Rock on Broadway or some such. I’d always heard it was amazing, but I was absolutely blown away by the performance. Puppetry=win

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