Who is this mysterious Dante person anyhow?

So, when I was younger, I never had the experience of being really in to a popular boy band, or gape over a movie star, or any of that. You see, I’m not used to being a fangirl, it’s new and fun!

Dante Marioni rocks my socks off

Dante is frickin awesome, here he is making frickin awesome stuff…

I personally think that whistling cheerfully while you torch the bajeezus out of a badass vase makes for a good photo, don’t you?

Janusz Pozniak was also here, he’s a badass in his own right (he’s the tall one)

Speaking of height, it was reassuring to me that one of my heros isn’t overwhelmingly tall. No one, not Ken, not Ian, no one can ever give me guff again about having to stand on a cinder block to be able to blow into the optic mold…

These two are definately getting framed. I’m such a dorky fangirl ^_^;;;;

And, on an entirely unrelated note, one Dominic Barbato DARED to complain that I never mention him in my journal..

for more pictures and video clips, you can go see the post I made in the hot glass community..

Seriously, though, this was really an awesome experience. I learned so much just by being there. Yaaay!

4 thoughts on “Who is this mysterious Dante person anyhow?”

  1. O.o

    Dear god, look at those forearms!!! He IS a hottie!!! Can I wrap him up and take him home???

    Oh, you didn’t miss much in the boyband category. All New Kids on the Block did for me was cost $$$ I coulda spent on NES games 🙂

  2. Oh Come On

    Lisa, you couldn’t dress a little better for your picture with Dante McHottie? As for making fun of you for being short, if I had been there, I would have snickered at Dante on the block.

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