Where to Board Mr. Davis

Tonight I booked my flights for the Christmas Holidays, and now it’s time to figure out where to board Mr. Davis while I’m gone. The place where I normally board him unfortunately has closed down, so I have to pick someplace new. I’ve narrowed it to two candidates, but am having trouble choosing between them.

Option A: The first place operates under the philosophy that cats who aren’t from the same household never are allowed to free roam together, for a lower stress experience. They have great big tower kennels there, bigger than the ones at the last place I boarded, but since they don’t let stranger cats out together, I imagine each cat only gets a couple of hours of out-and-about time outside their kennel each day.

Option B: The second place is the complete opposite. While they do have private rooms for non-social cats, their main boarding areas are large open community rooms, where cats can socialize together. This means that the cats have way more activity going on each day, as they hang out and play with the other cats.

Now, I liked the old place because it was sort of a mixture of the two. The cats each had their own big kennel, but were let out in groups for long periods of time.

I’m not sure what is best for Mr. Davis. Even though he doesn’t like seeing other cats on his walks, he does fine with them in “neutral territory” environments, like the boarding house, and the shelter where he lived for a year which let their cats free roam. I’m still not sure about Option B, though, because there seems like fewer opportunities to mitigate in a situation where particular cats might not get along. At least with Option A, he could interact with other cats through the kennels when he was out during his roam time, I just worry he might not get enough of it every day.

Right now I’m leaning slightly towards Option A, though i’m going to contact them and ask how much out time each cat gets every day when they are booked full (which I imagine they will be during the holidays).