Weekly Goal Progress Report #8

1) Financial: Bank of America started blocking connections to Mint.com, which annoys me, and I’d always felt bad about having an account with those jerks anyway, so I’m investigating local credit unions to switch my checking account to. So far, Lockheed FCU is in the lead, but I’m still collecting opinions and recommendations.

2) One free thing in LA per month: For March, I’ve settled on the Festival of the Kite! I’ll set up a facebook event like I did for the dragon parade, that seemed to work well enough

3) 20 Minutes of Games Every Other Day: Still playing lots of Lost in Shadow. It remains simple platforming and puzzle solving, but I still have a hunch that something is going to change in an exciting way, so I’m holding out.

4) Sew 3 things: 1 of 3 complete. Today, I experimented with the darning foot to mend a hole in a pair of pants. I’ve never used any of my sewing machine’s attachments before, so it was a bit of an experiment. The hole is mended, though it’s a bit of a patchy hack job. I feel like I have quite a piece of machinery here that I don’t appreciate.