Weekly Goal Progress Report #4

1) Financial: Did my taxes. Got my refund. Dumped it into the ole student loans. Adjusted my W-4 accordingly.

2) One free thing in LA per month. January complete. Waiting for February

3) 20 Minutes of Games Every Other Day: Bit of Donkey Kong, and a lot of League of Legends and StarJeweled. LoL is great, it’s free to play, so it’s easy for a busy person like me to just pick up and play a match. The paid portion seems to support the more hard core community, so it serves both audiences really well! I’ve already posted about StarJeweled, but man I love that game.

4) Sew 3 things: I have started on my first project: a cat blanket! I figure Mr. Davis won’t mind if my scrap fabric is ugly and clashing, it’ll give me a place to start. I already cut out and sorted the squares of scrap fabric to use for his blanket.