Voting schtuff

For anyone in Louisville having trouble filling out their absentee ballot (or for people who will be in Louisville for the election but know nothing about politics), I found this site remotely useful:

Granted, all I had to go off was a 30 second blurb from each of the candidates, but I felt like that was better than picking people at random, given I know NOTHING else about them.

Also, for people *anywhere* in the states who are doing absentee ballots, if you don’t have yours yet then get on the ball! Send in the application like…yesterday, and call the county clerk offices and nag and nag (that’s what I did, I sent in my application in August, then started nagging them a couple of weeks ago. Turns out my application never made it in, so they had to mail me a new application to sign and send back, and then my ballot. This took a little under 2 weeks). Time is short! Take care of it asap!

2 thoughts on “Voting schtuff”

  1. That’s a really handy site. Now I want to bug Dayton’s news stations to do something like that.

    I sent for my absentee ballot a couple of weeks ago, but it still hasn’t come. This dorm seems to be some sort of mail black hole, since neither has some software I ordered a month ago hasn’t either.

    Must be those damn squirrels outside getting to my stuff first.

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