Unusual Observation

Today I went to see Shrek 2 with my parents, and there was a fire alarm during the movie. After everyone was let back into the theater, we all went and sat in the exact same seats as before. Is that a little odd to anyone else?

3 thoughts on “Unusual Observation”

  1. Nope. The exact same thing happened when I went to see Harry Potter yesterday. The fire alarm went off, but it was just a false alarm. When we returned everyone got back into the same seats.

    Quite awesome and honest of everybody to do so.

  2. It comes from years of training during school fire alarms.. NO ONE IS IMMUNE! WAHAHA! 😀

    (Shrek 2 rocked.)


    – Jamie.

  3. If you chose those seats to begin with, why wouldn’t you sit in them again?

    Unless your me who gets up during intermission for a show and goes finds a different part of the theatre to sit in.

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