A week into work and already things are in full swing! I am extremely happy 🙂

Now that I am a Dr. Professional Game Designer, and now that I have some threads of consistency to schedule around, it’s time to start training! That is, it’s time to start catching up on games that I have been intending to play. As I started making a list and a plan, I realized that this is rather like having a workout schedule or an exercise program.

Dividing daily workouts between cardio, upper body strength, lower body strength…dividing daily game playing between the Wii, the PS3, the PS2, the PC…it’s amusingly similar.

An issue to contend with is my budget: I’m in no place to start buying games, even used ones, so I’m starting with what I already have or what I can scrounge up for free or very cheap, via Insomniac’s game library or Gamefly or whatever. Jake at work suggested that I could scrap by pretty well on demos and betas, and gave me a multiplayer beta voucher for Uncharted to get started (it rhymes, tee hee!).

So, here’s my starting list of games to either beat or sample.

1) Twilight Princess – which, I realized the copy I have doesn’t even belong to me, it’s DC’s! I borrowed it and never gave it back because I’m a TERRIBLE FRIEND

2) Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty – hooray for Insomniac freebies!
3) Assassin’s Creed – I feel like I practically played through most of this when watching Joe last spring, and I would like to play the sequel when it comes out, so I need to catch up
4) Far Cry 2 – I saw so many talks about this game at GDC this year that I want to check it out and see what’s what
4) Flower – I only got to play a tiny bit when we were playing it at Schell, so I went ahead and bought it

5) Fatal Frame – oh how you taunt me! This game is effing hard, but not in a discouraging way, in an “omg I must conquer you!” way. I’m gonna get myself a guide and play through and have enough film for the last two nights. SO THERE!
6) Ico – this gets referenced and brought up in game design discussion so much that I simply must play it for research.

7) Half-Life 2 – I had a pretty good run playing through this game until I got myself stuck under a pipe because I wanted to see if I could fit under there. It happens. Anyway, research!

8) Rhythm Heaven – because i almost beat it when I borrowed it from Carlos, and had a super fun time with it!

8 Games in one summer, can I do it?

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  1. One thing that Carlos has been talking about for a while has been a friend game/movie/CD-swap thing, where we have a database of what games people have, and then just mailing them around to people if they want to borrow them. That will help in the not-buying-stuff department.


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