Tinkerbell’s TinkerHut of Lurve

Whew! It’s been a busy few days, hence the lack of updates, but oh well, we’ll catch up!

First off, visitors. Dave Clark visited me on Thursday, which was totally awesome. My parents have been in town all weekend. They’re going to see Assassins tonight, then leave tomorrow morning. It’s been fun–we got to go to an air show, to Six Flags, to the Berkshire Museum to see the William Morris exhibit AGAIN! Plus, I’ve been eating quite well since their visit.

Peter Pan, though it nearly killed the lot of us, went up and is good. Keller and I, however, are caught in the middle of a tricky situation. The name of the game show is: Who Get’s Tink’s House!

The situation: Tinkerbell’s house, which looks totally awesome, has been in the eye of several wanters, but who is its rightful owner>

The contestants:

Noel–the props artisan. She built the thing. It took her forever, and she put soooo much work into constructing it. She thought it would be good to have, you know, for her portfolio, and even though she took lots of process pictures, she called dibs. She had to leave to go to school, but was going to pay us to ship it to her.

Tim–the designer. He designed Tink’s House for Noel to build. Nevermind the fact that the measurements he gave were off and his scale was wrong, it’s his concept. He saw it while Noel was building it, and said “Ohh! It’s so pretty! I want that when the show is over.”

Kate–the executive director of the company. She wants to buy it, and her word is pretty much the final one on any situation in the theater.

What to do what to do! I hope Keller and I don’t get caught in the middle too badly.

In other news, I miss Louisville, just look what kinds of shoddy things happen to local booksellers when I’m not around!

4 thoughts on “Tinkerbell’s TinkerHut of Lurve”

  1. WOW

    All that trauma/drama over my little hut?!
    Hope you and Keller have been taking it easy.


    1. Re: WOW

      Yeah! It’s turning into a big ordeal. However, I don’t think Kate knows you want it, and apparently you can be pretty up front with her, so we’re going to ask her about it. Keller or Jeanne Wu said they would ship it to you.

  2. The wise and sage solution would be to get them to come forward to you, the neutral 3rd party and let them plead your case. When they all finish you think for a second then say the only fair thing is to divide the house in to 3 and drag it out to your truck where you have your saw awaiting.

    Now… What will happen is the TRUE owner will pled you just give the house to the others to spare it being destroyed, as the true owner would rather see it exist in the hands of another then see it destroyed!

    At this point you throw it in the back of your truck and speed off with it.

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