Time for an Update!

The Yellow Boat opened really nicely, and I was happy to see that we had reduced the audience to tears much earlier in the play than I expected would happen. Muahahahahaha! The Quilt ceremony was also really touching. Strother, you have a very haunting and powerful voice, I will capture you and put you in a jar and make you sing for me, and then I’ll give you cookies as a reward.

In other news, classes are rough, but interesting. The Beowulf Clusters class is going to be an ordeal, as the only available place for us to build our little cluster is apparently a closet. Granted, it’s a spacious closet, it’s just mostly filled with biology lab equipment. I have been partnered up with Ryan the Younger, and as we discovered, neither of us knows squat about linux administration, networking, or any real hardware stuff. It’s going to be a fun term (we’ve already decided to paint flames on the side of our node…you know…to make it go faster). To make things easier, I made sure our node was set up next to Jared and Zaid’s, so we can pester them relentlessly for help.

Algorithms is going to be tough, because it’s one of those “thinking” classes, and it’s at 8:00. I’m trying desperately to convince Dr. Shannon of my poor arithmetic abilities. When we had our quiz this morning, we asked if we needed a calculator, and she said no. And I said “Are you SURE, you know I can’t do math.” and she’s like “Nooo, you’ll be fine, it’s just a little arithmetic.” Sure enough, I butchered Euclid’s algorithm because I can’t divide or subtract.

Why is that? Why is it that I can do derivatives in my head, or even standing on my head, but I can’t do math. Like, at all. I’m a horrible banker in monopoly, because I can’t subtract to give change (also, because I steal from the bank ¬_¬).

Anyway, moving on, glass seems like it will be good. I have some good ideas to get my rolling with my senior show. Databases should involve some fun and useful projects.

I wanted to go home this weekend and visit friends, but I think this week’s workload will be too great. Guess I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day* getting ahead in my work…or catching up.

*Notice how I didn’t say V-day

7 thoughts on “Time for an Update!”

  1. Everyone hates math! I hate math, you hate math Let’s throw a we hate math party! Really =D

    And hurrah for flames, I wish the teacher would let us do that here. . .>_>;;

  2. I hate proofs. I don’t mind juggling with a few numbers. CS is overfeeding me with math however to a point of not really being interested in the subject (or making me realize that I’m not that interested in the subject to kneel myself into it really deeply), but I guess that’s the idea of studying; The specialization in a certain field to a point that one’s thoughts only revolve around the very thing that is being studied.

    Good to know that I’m not the only corrupt Monopoly-bank-controller


  3. Bah, amatures, I can do proofs and derivitives all the day long.


    *ahem* Anywho, I’m sure I can lend some help if you need. Just ask. I only got through vector calculus and the beginnings of the more “abstract” math that programming requires. Should be enough to set you upon the right course though.

    1. Ah, but it’s not abstract math and calculus that gets me, I tend to do just fine in those. It’s the little stuff, like SUBTRACTING and DIVIDING. And don’t even think of asking me to do 15% of the bill for a tip x_x

  4. Awwww thanks Lisa. You rule. Glad you liked it. If I have to be carried in a jar by someone I guess I could deal with it being you. And I want double chocolate chunk cookies as my rewards.

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