Time flies

For anyone who particularly liked my glass fish…


In other news, February has passed its midpoint! I noticed this today as I was making my calendar for the week, and had a brief moment of panic. The dreaded March-of-decision-making is that much closer. However, after a moment, I calmed down. I think I’ve done well about preparing myself…

-As far as the summer glass class goes, my slides are developed and I should pick them up today. I’m going to give Steve a deadline for my letter of recommendation, and today I’ll ask Sheldon if he’ll write one too. That just leaves the scholarship essay.

-I had Matthew revise my resume, and I’ve rewritten most of it. Today I’ll schedule another appointment to have him look over the second copy. SETC is almost here, but I’m more excited than I am nervous ^_^

-The what-to-do-during-winter-term-next-year issue may already be decided. As much as I’d love to go, I don’t think I can come up with the funds necessary to study in Morocco. However, there is a much cheaper biology trip to the Bahamas that may be affordable. A friend of mine went on it last year and really enjoyed himself. It’s a popular trip, though, and I may not make it in even if I can come up with the deposit money.

I’ve been rigorously setting goals and keeping to them, and I’m proud of myself for that. It’s only been two weeks and I feel like I’ve been back at school for months.