The Wedding

Let me tell you my favorite thing about Kyle. Kyle is a good and clever friend, and it was always great to hang out with him at Basketball (or drag him into Game Jams), but there was always one thing that stood out to me about him.

If Kyle was over and we were playing games or watching cartoons or whatever, sometimes he would get phone calls. You could always tell when it was Angel on the phone.

You see, when he answered the phone to Angel, there would be a sudden, overflowing explosion of love radiating from the entire being that was Kyle. It happened as soon as he said “hello,” and would continue to pulse and consume him and anyone lucky enough to be in the same room.

This was great, because you would get a wash of residual love, because clearly there was SO much love that it simply could not all fit inside of Kyle, so it would overflow and fill the room and touch anyone that happened to be nearby and stir their hearts.

This is the best thing about Kyle.

So, I was honored and excited and pleased to be present at Kyle and Angel’s wedding. The whole feeling of the weekend was of intimacy and love, and all of the lucky guests got to absorb a part of that.

I mean, seriously, check out this series of images when Kyle and Angel first see one another on their wedding day. Can you not feel it?

So good! I am so happy and so excited for Kyle and Angel and the rest of their life together. I foresee many good things, and hopefully their infectious orb of love will follow them wherever they go and touch anyone they meet.