The Princess and the Frog

We saw the Princess and the Frog tonight, and I liked it a lot, it was super sweet! I am glad, because I wanted so badly for this movie to be good. Well done, Lasseter! I hope people will get excited about 2D again.

My favorite thing, as pointed out to me by Will before I even saw it, was that the comic relief characters are endearing and not annoying. Like, the little lightning bug that you saw in the previews and thought “Oh, God!” and were all worried about? You totally love him.


I loved that little lightning bug, I loved him so much, and they SQUEESHED HIM!!! Now, Disney movies are certainly no stranger to character deaths for pullin the heartstrings, but not THAT character! That would be like Timon or Pumbaa dying, or Abu, or the clock or the candelabra from Beauty and the Beast. It was a good move, I think, because it was quite unexpected, and I think it took a lot of people off guard.


I love you, lil lightning bug! *SOB*

The rest of the movie was pretty good. I loved the music and the style, although I never was a fan of the 90s Disney musical style, but plenty of people are totally into that. The villain design was amazing, and the shadow creatures were awesomesauce.

I did feel like they crammed a lot of stuff into the story, but all in all they did some nice things to throwback to the positive elements of 90s style Disney (while poking fun at other elements). I approve!