The Camel’s back

The first weekend of spring term was surprisingly productive for me. I think I have discovered the secret for me not being a slacker–stay in the building in which the classes take place for which I must do my homework. Saturday morning I went to the art barn to shoot slides of some of my glass, and Steve asked if I could stay that afternoon and charge the furnace every half hour or so. I agreed, and actually got a lot of work on my casting project done.

Auditions for Chalk Circle are today, and I’m faced with a tedious decision. I’m already involved in the play, in that I’m going to help Katherine make masks, which should be awesome fun. I really want to do electrics as well, but judging how busy I’m going to be based on this weekend (and the glass slots haven’t even started yet!), I fear that would be the breaking straw. I certainly couldn’t sacrifice a large enough chunk of time to be light board op again, but I would still like to be an electrician. I’d even have tech weekend taken care of, as I don’t plan on picking up glass slots on Fridays or Saturdays, and the studio is closed on Sundays.

Still, I have a gnawing fear that it might be a bit too much for me. I don’t want to hurt myself, and I still have the big Decision-Making-March to contend with. And besides, there are tons of road shows this term, so I’ll get my electrician fix in regardless. I’ll wrestle with the idea a bit and decide by this afternoon I suppose.