Thanksgiving Thoughts

If anyone remembers the christmas cactus I rescued from the gloom of props storage last year, I’d like to announce that it is blooming like crazy. It’s ready to be re-potted, too.

A more general thought: every now and then, I am forced into some situation (being stuck in an airport lobby, for instance) in which McDonalds is the only feasible means of nourishment. I usually buy something, eat it, gag in disgust, and make a dramatic proclamation that I will never, NEVER, eat McDonalds again EVER. However, deep in my heart, I know the next time I stop at a rest station on a long trip and that’s the only food for miles, I’ll shrug off my promise to myself and eat again….only to be disgusted again….only to swear I’ll never eat it again.

What is it about us humans that we constantly and even knowingly make the same mistakes in life, over and over and over again?

Happy Thanksgiving!