Sweet Irony

Finals week is *supposed* to be a time of stress and worry for the average college student, I suppose, but this year it’s been quite the opposite for me. In fact, I’ve not been under less pressure the entire year than this week, how strange! I suppose it is because I get to sit still for once. No rush, no worries, no jam-packed schedules, just one spread out week to study quietly and take some tests.

I think I’ve spent more time in my own room these past few days than I have collectively over the entire term! At least, that’s what it *feels* like. My final painting critique was Sunday, and we cleaned the studio, and the glass 1 kids cleaned the glass studio on Monday. So, no art responsibilities. The one act plays are over, so no drama responsibilities. No comp sci projects, no work in the slide library, no glass blowing slots, just all this blank, free time. I have never been so pleased to sit and study, with plenty of time to stretch and take little breaks.

It’s somewhat creepy, in a way. I was terribly worried, because my illness and the general busy nature of life kept building and building and building…I thought this week would kill me! Yet, it’s worked the other way around, how ironic.

Anyway, I know there are plenty of people in quite the opposite case who are full of stress and pressure for finals, so I wish you all the best of luck!