Stupid love

So, in light of yet another incarnation of my track record of becoming very close friends with someone, falling in love with them, and having it be unrequited, I have resolved to start dating this semester.

I am, fortunately, on the cusp of the generation where the use of online dating services is not only no longer a taboo, but is actually the norm for people meeting one another. I have been assured by many a friend that dating is not as miserable an experience as I think, and so far everyone seems excited by this new prospect.

Well, everyone but me, but I’m sure that will all change once I find someone decent to distract my affections.

So far my initial exploration of the famed dating site experience has yielded:

1) Some guy inviting me to a hookah bar (who was kind of an idiot) and

2) Some guy sending me a nice little email in which every single sentence in the ENTIRE email had the EXACT same structure.

It’s a start, I guess, because I’m already learning about things I want in a relationship. I’ve learned that I need my potential other to be eloquent, and I’ve learned that I’m SEVERELY annoyed by people who respond to a casual question by asking “why?”

I’m also being forced to take into account what I find physically attractive in males, versus my typical means (which is to fall in love with the brain and then become attracted to whatever body it happens to be in).

Granted, I probably won’t go on any actual dates until my 2 week sleepathon is up, but baby steps count as steps.

I’m kind of miserable about the whole ordeal at the moment, but if stupid emotional brain wouldn’t keep going and screwing up my friendships, then I wouldn’t have to drag her through this nonsense. So it’s her own damned fault!

Stay tuned for a most likely more-positive outlook on dating. Give it a month or so.

5 thoughts on “Stupid love”

    1. If this were the case, then I would never even attempt to date!

      I’m sure my outlook will change once I get started, but for now, it’s stupid work that I don’t want to do. GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP.

  1. Good for you for getting out there! This is a neat part of your life that you just haven’t had the opportunity to play with yet. The online dating thing might be fun to blog about… who knows, maybe you could write a story about it for This American Life or write a few episodes of Seinfeld. Do they still make Seinfeld?… The point is this: you’re reaching outside your comfort zone in a positive way, which isn’t easy to do.

    Have fun!

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