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  1. I fail to understand the motivation behind the “naked photo” as a mean of trust or why people have the urge to confide these sort things to others just for the sake of “Look at me I’m an attention whore”. But then again, apparently a lot of people can’t keep the knowledge of their misdeeds to themselves as it seems to burden them. Just look at King Midas who dug a whole and shouted “I have donkey ears!” into it because that hole was the only “one” he could confide to. When it comes to secrets, I stick to Ben Franklin.

    #1. We don’t have enough annoying strangers in our lives.
    Soo… the whole idea is to suck up when people give you straight bullshit and/or obviously act like fucking assholes? “Getting used” to that sort of shit, so you won’t start a “screaming crotch-punching spree”, when you encounter these desensitised, rutheless meatbags who in their petty lives of pushing and being pushed came across the idea to get pushy on you for lack of other pushable targets. I for one would appreciate it, if something could be done about the constantly deteriorating celebration of pushiness.

    #2. We don’t have enough annoying friends, either.

    […]Yet, on the whole, people back then were apparently happier in their jobs and more satisfied with their lives. And get this: They had more friends.[…]
    There were no Good Old Days, ever, it’s all twisted by notions of nostalgia. As for the “more friends”, it’s not so much as having more people as friends as in having to befriend / be on good terms as many people in your surroundings as possible. This is essential for life in the smaller communities, but will also lead to varying levels of persecution of those who don’t want to fit in. Empty a keg with them à day and you’re BFF. If you don’t join in on their drunken escapades, they’ll kick your door in throw rocks at your windows, and deliberately walk all over your vegetable patch and destroy whatever grows in there. And don’t expect any help from your well-integrated neighbours or the local police officer because you obviously had it coming there for shunning the keg. At best you could beat the shit out of them when they weren’t too burly or fast enough with getting off of your vandalised property. Good Old Days indeed. They had no setting for “neutral”. Everybody who was not your friend was a target for all sorts of crap that would make your dull existence a little more bearable for yourself because you can make someone else more miserable than you already are. In fact, yes it makes you a lot more satisfied with your life and in your job The first order of business was: Treat all apprentices like shit – In the 1980s or so the lawmakers forbade that though, and guess what, you hardly hear of anyone being satisfied in their job anymore nowadays.

    #3. Texting is a shitty way to communicate.

    #4. Online company only makes us lonelier.
    Online company makes you lonelier because you don’t need to spend your time with hordes of keg-chugging inbred locals anymore because now you can get a more satisfying feeling of social interaction from someone who, even though crippled by texting, is a lot more on your wavelength, but unfortunately several hundred miles out of reach. Quality over quantity.

    1. #5. We don’t get criticized enough.
      Actually, I have a more decent chance of someone accurately criticising me online because they can hide in anonymity or in distance.
      In German society you only get criticised when you are absent, all with a combination of that “tee hee, we won’t tell what he/she does that gets us all peeved up” insidious glee and the complacent satisfaction “he/she’ll be in for a bad awakening soon, if he/she doesn’t change that” – even though nobody has dared to tell what is of concern. Direct approach? Unheard of.

      #6. We’re victims of the Outrage Machine.
      A more negative view on the world than our parents and grandparents?! I call nostalgia bullshit. The biggest misanthropists, cynics and pessimists came all before my time.
      Physical labour kept you busy all day, and kept those nasty thoughts (what the fuck am I doing here? Is this all there is?) away. Industrialisation helped with that some more as labour became more monotonous. A month of work at a conveyor belt, and you find yourself free from the mental capability of questioning things until you find enough time to recover mentally from that dehumanising labour. Knowing your place and not questioning the world around you does tend to make you happy because you are not burdened by these troublesome thoughts of your own. And if you can’t live without thoughts, we offer a pre-made thought with slight minor variations which you only need to repeat. Thinking is bad for you and your happiness, hence why we can only allow few people to endure the horror, and they will surely lead us to a better future because they are the deciders.

      #7. We feel worthless, because we actually are worth less.
      And here we are back at the issue of desensitised, rutheless meatbags and the pushy-factor. Not everyone likes being an asshole all day among a society dominated by pushy people, just to prevent themselves from being pushed. It’s tough work mimicking an asshole for any act of compassion or being nice will only lead to you being pushed for they mark weakness in a game where everybody is supposed to play tough.
      It really baffled me when I had to hear about some sad kid who had been heavily conditioned by its ambitious parents into -as I should call it- “setting the skill-points right” to excel in the job race later in life. And during all those I think 19 years, this kid didn’t get that elevating “thank you” experience you get from helping others, even once, until one day when it accidentally did something which earned it a “thank you” experience and wow, that kid was riding on a giant wave of happy that day, as if something extraordinary had happened. But then again… all what these kids -especially several of the prodigies- get to hear all day is “Win! Win! Win! Goddammit win! or we won’t love you anymore.” I can’t really say, that this exerted pressure to achieve can be called love, as a lot of victims of domestic violence are also impaired with their concept of love in a similar matter. If you happen to live in such a pressing environment, a “thank you” feels like the blessing of a God or something because you are not gonna get that sort of appreciation from those so-called loving parents who threaten to disown you if you dare show weakness. This ideology of pushiness which is being force-fed to many of these teens who then in turn suffer from issues with their self-esteem, get suicidal and whatnot is the real issue, not the hiding away from the “real world”. But then again, I would also rather hide away and build my own world, than live in that “real world” of celebrated pushiness. I outright reject it and want something better. I will encourage the nurturing of those hidden away smaller worlds, as some may become formidable models for the “real world” and will some day replace this ongoing celebration of pushiness with more worthwhile means of getting along with each other.

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