So, as a follow-up to my WoW respec worry post, I am feeling much better about being a prot warrior. Will, Scott and I have run Botanica and Arcatraz with some pick-ups, and both went REALLY well.

I also took charge of the marking, and felt I did a rather good job of that. The trick to all this, I think, is for me to research ahead of time, and then give the group as much of a feeling that I know what I’m doing as possible. Though Scott will tell you that I was double-checking everything with him almost constantly 🙂

Either way, I feel much less stressed about holding aggro. According to Will, we were in Botanica with two top-tier DPSers and I held aggro just fine. Hooray!

Of course, it also helps to have very clever groupmates. We’ve been lucky that our pick-ups have been really on top of things. Perhaps Heroics are not so far out of sight afterall!

In other news: Pink Door, Jersey Mike’s, and Gumbo-a-go-go have been checked off the Food Tour list.

2 thoughts on “Renewed”

  1. Honestly, you don’t really check with me at all…I offer my advice when I feel it relevant and keep an eye on things for you from afar, but you are doing most of the work, that’s for damn sure!

  2. Prot warriors – and tanks in general – are nothing without good groups.

    Case in point: I thought my warrior was incapable of tanking (and surviving) Mechanar, but upon running it with my (generally better-geared) guildmates, I not only survived Capacitus (that guy is seriously such a pain in the ass) but pulled off a full clear.

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