8 thoughts on “Recalling”

  1. After my time, Wertle. What is it, a radio? a tape player like a walkman?

    When I were a lad you were looky to ‘ave a bit o’ dirt to play with….

      1. The Bangles , yes. I think they were originally called the Bangs after their hairstyles but someone else had the name first….

        I won a copy of that record on 45rpm which arrived in a square cardboard envelope that was too big for our letterbox. So the postman obligingly folded it in half before shoving it through. And no, it wasn’t a flexidisc (not that a sharp crease across a diameter does those much good)

  2. Pocket Rockers ROCK!

    I totally had a pocket rocker.

    It was white and it had black and hot pink stripes on it. I remember I had like three of the little tapes. They each had two songs on them.
    I had at least one that was Belinda Carlisle. Oooo baby do you know what that’s worth?

    A million friggin bucks! That’s what it’s worth!
    Then they came out with some mini-pocket rockers (because the other ones were too big somehow? or what?) and I remember my cousins got those.

    I think that’s the last time I bought into technology – that and my old nintendo (I stopped being good at video games after Mario 3, which I never, ever beat).

    1. Re: Pocket Rockers ROCK!

      yo! i had the white and black one with pink stripes too!! the two tapes i had were genesis and whitney houston…. i think i still have it somewhere. it’s probably kickin’ it with my old school game boy in a drawer in my closet or something…. i took that thing everywhere!

        1. Re: Pocket Rockers ROCK!

          hmmmm i can’t really see it that well, but it might be it. i’m definitely going to find it next time i go home. i wanna know if it still works. 😛 holy crap, how AWESOME would that be??

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