I was so close to making a productive dent on my horrible messy room! Then all energy was lost. It’s okay, right? I have a cold, and I don’t have to clean with a cold (plus, the bathroom got cleaned, that’s a big step, yes?)

I’ve been trying to break out of a chronic habit of work-sleep only days (JamJams counts as work), but it’s not been easy. I used to play video games for fun and relaxing, yes? But not so much anymore. Hands and all. This distresses me greatly, and I tend to sleep when I’m distressed, and there I am back to the beginning.

Also, I was cleaning some things out of my car today when I found two pumpkins that escaped the knife! They were right behind the driver’s seat, so I never thought to look back there. What on earth will I do with them? I suppose I could make pumpkin pie. I mean, I’m not a huge fan, but what else am I going to do with two pumpkins after halloween?