Purging and Selling

Does anyone know anyone who enjoys collecting Disney trinkets?

I’m selling my old Mrs. Potts Tea Set as part of the great pre-move purging of stuff.

I actually have a lot of junk that I’m going through to see what’s ebay-worthy. I thought my parents were going to have a yard sale, but they seemed put out by the idea, and I have a lot of junk that is good, usable useless-junk, just stuff I don’t want anymore.

Like my dart board, or my lava lamp, or my ooze-tube. Stuff like that. However, I can’t really see anyone buying an ooze-tube off of ebay (what would they search for??), and such an item isn’t exactly something you donate to the Goodwill. BUT, I know there are young ones like I used to be who think such items are the coolest things ever, and would gladly take them off my hands.

So if anyone has an idea for how to get such items into such peoples’ hands, let me know!