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Since going indie, my main project has been my big Developer Streaming initiative. My goal is to both help other people get better at making games and give insight into the development process to curious gamers through a number of different stream types. Basically, I want to share as much knowledge as I can that I’ve gained through my professional work, and give as much insight into how game development actually works to those unfamiliar with it. Most streams feature special guests from the industry for maximum insight variety.

You can read more about the goals behind this project on my Patreon page, see the streams I create on my Youtube channel, and catch the streams live on Twitch.

To be notified of the weekly stream schedule, join the Stream Announcement Mailing List or follow me on Twitter for announcements (@Wertle)

Here’s an explanation of the different stream types, with examples.

1. Developer Streams

Watch me build my games and see the process of game development in a raw form. I make my games in everything from Construct 2 to Unity to Unreal 4. Developer streams cover design, art, music, sound, the process of learning new tools, optimization, etc. Basically every part of game development, regardless of how exciting or how boring the topic might initially seem to the outside world.

2. Class Streams

I play games and discuss them analytically from a design perspective, and then engage the audience in the process. When you come to these streams, expect to be asked probing design questions, to identify problems, to come up with solutions, and occasionally to do homework! It is pretty informal on the “class,” front, but if you. aren’t necessarily a designer or a game developer, expect to have your brain pushed into a way of thinking about games that you aren’t necessarily used to. Learning abound!

3. Game Jam Feedback Streams

I enjoy participating in and playing game jam games, and then enjoy playing them and giving feedback. In these streams I play through game jam entries and try to leave specific, actionable critical feedback

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