Postcards and Pupils

You’d think that postcards would be one of those things that’s easy to find. Not so. I scraped all over the city looking for a place that sold Louisville-themed postcards for the activity, and after I finally got a lead from one of my Kempo friends, I had to go to the evil Hawley-Cooke-eating Borders to get some. Got them all sent out today, though, was fun.

I’m taking a break from working on my Comic-con contribution. I think I’ll manage to get it finished on time, but yikes do my wrists hurt.

Eye appointment today, I’m really excited. I know that sounds lame, but my eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit since my last examination, and getting new glasses is always an incredible experience. I can’t wait to be able to see the leaves on the trees!!

In other news, it was estimated that 100,000 houses in Louisville were without power after the storm on Tuesday (not me!). The meteorologists get so excited about tornados, but when these straight-wind storms come through, they are much more mellow, in spite of the damage being much more extensive.

Oh well, if any Louisville-peeps are without power, you can come over to my house to eat hot food or do laundry!

8 thoughts on “Postcards and Pupils”

  1. I don’t have no lectricity . . . 🙁

    At least Borders is the creation of a Louisville Native.

    (and he did increase the number of bookstores in the area, unlike Hawley-Cooke which kept closing stores)

  2. It’s weird how hard postcards are to find in non-touristy cities. I have a few soldiers that I send letters and things to. I was able to find all kinds of things to send them from Washington and Oregon, but when one guy asked me for a Dayton postcard, I had to go to four stores to find any Ohio ones at all. Even then they only had one from Dayton (and it was too embarrassing to send. Our skyline consists of one tall building).

    1. For a while the Danville Cracker Barrel was selling pictures of a skyline in front of a river, emblazoned “LEXINGTON.” It was a picture of Louisville. They got to be in regional news for that.

      1. That’s beautiful. I’m going about it all wrong: I just need to go up the road to take some pictures in Columbus, which is quite pretty, and just Photoshop “Dayton” onto them. (Which quite frankly, I’m surprised no one here has done yet, with the huge fat self-aggrandizing deal they make over North Carolina “stealing” the Wright Brothers.)

    2. Hey! Louisville is a touristy-town! (So it thinks) Their’s a kiosk in the building outside my window as we speak and little gift shop/convient stores in almost every large building that sells tons of retarted, Louisville postcards.

      Some dragons just live on the wrong side of town

      1. Well, yeah. Every town is a touristy town in its own eyes. I think that if I’d gone downtown or out east to the Air Force Museum or the Spazzing Out About Who Gets To Claim Inventing Flight thing I’d been able to find something suitably cheesy. I just have my pride, y’know? And I’m a lazyass.

        After all, a card from Portland with “pretend the O is for Ohio” written on the back and sent from Dayton is still from Dayton.

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