Plant adoption

I acquired another houseplant today. Well, I suppose “rescued” would be the more appropriate term.

I was rummaging about the prop storage room today when I passed by what I thought was a remarkably well-crafted fake plant. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was indeed a real, living (barely) plant.

Through further information gathering, I discovered that the plant was a prop from A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, which was performed last fall. So this poor plant had been down in the completely lightless prop storage for over a year!

It’s a Christmas Cactus, but its leaves are totally flat and limp. I suppose it lived off the moisture in the air, as the prop storage room can get somewhat dank, and scratched up all the light it could from the incandescent bulbs on the rare occasion that someone enter prop storage.

A shriveled blossom at the base of the plant indicates that it did bloom at one point.

So, I’ve adopted it under my care, and hopefully I can nurse it back to help. Sara says that putting it under a UV light might help, so I may see if I can borrow her blacklight, or perhaps send the plant over for a visit. Any care tips from plant people would be welcome!

That said, this trooper of a plant deserves an appropriate name. Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Plant adoption”

  1. I want to be a plant-adopter….

    Spike! Name it Spike!

    Or… uh… McCarthy. There we go. Heee.

    Or, I guess if you want a pretty/nice sounding name… Uh.. Dori?

  2. I still say we should call it survivor…or maybe Lucas…though I do like Jesus, that is if the plant comes back to full life then we should name it that but don’t be hasty master hobbit…hehehehe…oh wait I’m not an ent am I damn I wish I was. 🙁

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