Tonight I went to Long Wharf’s “Season Kick-off” cookout. It was pretty fun, I got to mingle and get to know my co-workers a little better. There was a pie contest (not pie-eating, just who makes the awesomest pie).

I also met Dr. McAllister’s long lost twin, by my theories. Not only does he LOOK just like M.C. Allister, but he also has that constant smile that never ever ever goes away. His voice is different, and he’s an English/Classics sort of person instead of a Mathy sort, but otherwise, it’s definatley his long lost twin. Very bizarre.

Anyway, been making some new artstuffs. Playing with pastels. All fun and good.

Next week is the last week before the late-night pre-tech days at work begin, so we’ll see how well I like my job after that 😉

EDIT: Brendan is my hero