Pie experiments

Occasionally Whole Foods has really good deals on fresh berries, so tonight I picked up some blackberries with nothing in mind to do with them. When I got home I began to crave pie. I didn’t have enough blackberries to make an entire pie, but I did have a few apples laying around, so I figured I’d be experimental.

Internet, blackberry apple pie is quite possibly one of my most delicious baking experiments yet! It has such an unusual combination of flavor and texture, it’s just so. Just so I tell you!

Oh how I love pie!

4 thoughts on “Pie experiments”

  1. That’s a tasty mix! You should try making tarts. They don’t need as much to bake as a pie, and while the option to be experimental is still there, it’s not required if you’re feeling conservative. ^_^

    Thinking of pies, have you tried your hand at making merangue pies yet?

  2. Apples are great at extending fruit dishes. Another extender I have used is large zucchini and some other squash like Hubbard or Chinese Winter squash. Berries are the greatest food on the planet in my opinion with nuts a close second. Making pies of them just improves them

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