Photos n such

I just wanted to share this picture because I think it’s really good. It’s of all the cousins in my mom’s side of the family from Thanksgiving (and second cousins). Growing up, the cousins were quite close, so it’s nice to have a photo of us all.

Also, did you know that I’ve gone all this time without ever linking anyone to my photo gallery from my Japan trip I took that one summer? I am a bad person. Here is most of them, I still have yet to upload them all. Oy!

5 thoughts on “Photos n such”

  1. Well, they’re linked now, and we’re enjoying them!

    I do remember you showing me the pics of the traditional outfits. They looked so good on you! Everything else is gorgeous too – how were you able to make yourself return?

    1. The only reason I was excited about returning was I had gotten presents for people and was excited about giving them.

      I want to go back!

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