Phone Fun

Today my cellphone contract expired, so I went to the ATT store and asked to downgrade to a prepaid plan, and to keep my current phone.

The guy helping me was completely baffled, and fulfilled my request with an arched brow of puzzlement. He said he had worked there for 2 years and had never had anyone ask for that, was surprised he knew how to do it, and was extra surprised that the change was instant.

Alas, in spite of my cravings for an iPhone, I simply can’t justify the phone part of it. I looked over my phone usage for the past year and I use an average of, like, 6 minutes a month. And I never use more than 200 texts a month, so the 200 text $4.99 feature package, and $0.25 a minute basic prepay plan is plenty good for me. It certainly will save me lots, considering I was paying about $50 a month for the contract service.

I suppose an iPod Touch would be more practical a device for me, so I’ll keep my eyes on that for the future.

3 thoughts on “Phone Fun”

  1. For me, the phone portion of the iPhone was the smallest selling point of it. I was more interested in a means of always having a connection to the internet (with the cool apps being a bonus). I briefly considered the iPod Touch, but I nixed that when I found out it had to find a wireless network to connect to, rather than the 3G phone network.

    1. Yeah, constant internet connection would be tempting, but I figure I’ve lived without it for so long now that I should continue on before I get a real taste of it and am never able to turn back 🙂

      Maybe a few years down the line.

      1. It’s not a bad idea. I’ve had it for a few months, and now I feel crippled when I need to survive without it.

        Also, rumors spread that iPhone will be dropping AT&T as their exclusive provider, so perhaps after that choices will be better!

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