Personality Inventories

At my highschool (and consequently now, my workplace), your senior year on testing day when everyone is taking annoying prep standardized tests and whatnot, you get to take the Myers-Briggs personality inventory. Yes yes, I know, it’s not exact and “I’m an exception” and how dare they try to categorize people and snark snark snark. Now that all that’s aside, I enjoyed taking this my senior year. I’ve taken it “unofficially” several times since, and always get pretty much the same thing. It’s just fun to read about the types and see the people you know within them and be like “ohhhhhhh!”

Anyway, the current seniors just took it on Wednesday, so on Thursday they had all the faculty and staff members wear a sticker with their type if they wanted, so the students could wander by and see us and be like “ohhhhhhhh!” I don’t see much of the students, but I kept my eyes peeled for any INFJs. We are an elusive type, apparently.

Anyway, I have a lot of fun with this, and I love reading and seeing if what they say is accurate about people I know. So here is a game, yes? Go to this site and read about my type (INJF) and find a sentence in the description that pops out to you, one that you are convinced was written specifically about me, it is so accurate. Then comment with the sentence so I can see.–FJ.HTM#INFJ

If you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs, tell me what your type is and I’ll go looking for you, and do the same, because I am nosey and love stuff like this. (if you’ve not taken it and would like to, you can google “Myers Briggs” or “Jungian Personality Test” and find a number of online versions. I’m pretty sure they are all mostly the same. Here’s one…