Palate Change

Every now and then, I experience a sudden and drastic change in palate. It’s actually probably not so sudden, just that I went so long between “I don’t like this” and trying it to discover otherwise that I missed the inbetween where it changed. Tomatos, salt and vinegar chips, onions, all things I previously was like “UGH GROSS YUCK” then one day suddenly liked them.

I don’t know what compelled me to pick up a piece of bacon this morning and have a nibble, but there it was. Suddenly, I like bacon. A lot.

This doesn’t surprise me entirely, as there has been a long strain of ravenous appreciation for bacon in my family for generations. I’ve always been sort of a black sheep in this regard. Mary Beth says that it was probably my body’s desperate want for salt after my fast yesterday (I had a pukey stomach bug all day)

Fortunately, this works out in my favor, because I’d always enjoyed cooking bacon, even though I never liked to eat it.

Wait, what? Oh! Merry Christmas!