My parents are planning to move out of their house, so the last few weeks have been a huge ordeal of cleaning and purging excess junk (most of which seems to belong to me).

I brought home a couple of boxes of glass and paintings the other day (which is to say, I brought them home and they are still sitting in my trunk until I muster the energy to carry them upstairs) and I’m rearranging my own apartment to make room for a little bit of storage.

Most of the paintings I brought home are figure studies, mostly on masonite but a few on canvas. I’m wondering what to do with them. They are just rough studies, some in preparation for larger works, some just as exercises, and I don’t feel they’re very impressive. As in, I don’t think anyone would want to buy them.

I’m thinking if anything I can just paint over them, so as not to waste good masonite. It would be a nice goal for myself, “You have to make this number of for-real paintings in these pre-decided sizes. Go!”

A few of them are fairly decent portraits that I would feel kind of guilty painting over. I dunno, it’ s a debate, one way or the other.

In other news, 3 months ago I rearranged my room, and made a policy that if I could keep a particular corner totally clean for a month, then I would buy myself a drafting table and easel to put there. 3 months later and the corner is spotless, so I guess I should follow through with my reward, yeah?