Oy! Decisions

I hate it when things get so busy that you *have* to sacrifice one responsibility for another. It’s unpleasant, and is similar to having to choose which kitten you let plummet to its doom, since you can’t hold onto all of them as you struggle to drag them back up the cliff.

The predicament: my comp sci lab, I have to finish it. Options for the sacrifice…

1) Just don’t do it.
–theoretically, I could just turn in my lab unfinished and move on with my life. But, I’ve already missed a second lab which Dr. Shannon has graciously let me make up on my own, I shouldn’t take that for granted.

2) Bail on Jeff
–the big reason I can’t finish the lab is because I have to rush over to the theatre right after class and help hang and focus lights. No way I can bail, judging from last night’s run through, we have oodles to change and fix, and cue-to-cue is at 6. We’ll be working like ants, and I can’t leave Jeff hangin.

3) Painting
–this would be the easiest thing to do, just slip out of painting an hour early. It’s tempting, but my need to work on this current project and my devotion to Sheldon keeps me from doing it.

4) Lunch
–this is starting to look like the best option. That’s strange, too, because normally I’m the first person to give up higher responsibilites to satisfy a need on the base of Maslow’s triangle. However, it might have to be done, and that would not be pleasant.

5) Bail on weekly glass studio cleaning
–and face the wrath of DH and Ken? No way

Stay tuned for updates