Today I fell into the Flow, this time regarding the tidying of my journal. It has mostly been going back through old posts, tagging things, and correcting image links.

However, some of you may recall that between the end of 2004 and 2006, I went away from Livejournal for awhile and self-hosted my journal, then decided to return to LJ in the end.

Back when I did this, I’d changed hosting plans for my website, and in the process lost all my on-site journal entries through a mishap. I wasn’t overly distressed, however. I knew that if I gave it 6 months or so, the Internet Wayback machine would have the archive of my entries available.

It wasn’t until now that I got around to digging up my old entries and transferring them to LJ, but I did today.

For any who are interested in seeing them, they are under the tag “lost entries,” (first post at the bottom).

I have to pick up tagging and image link correcting from the end of 2006, but the transfer of posts was the biggest hurdle to get over. Going back and plugging along through my journal has been incredibly insightful! I’m glad I started this blog when I did.