I made a Dark Souls Cake!

On Game Ideas

So, I keep a list of my game ideas as they pop up, like you do, and make sure to go back and comb through the list every now and then. Sometimes they are very much centered around mechanics, but sometimes they are very vague thoughts or phrases that I wanted to hang on to in case they would make a good game.

Often I forget what spawned these ideas. Some of them I can only remember writing down after waking up from a dream, and have since lost all memory for the context in which it relates to being a game at all. Here’s a few for your consumption:

“Ciao Ciao Ciao/Chow Chow Chow (Maybe Chow Chow Ciao?)”

“Janus loses his contacts in one face. You can only see behind you.”

“Notary Bear”

If anyone wants to make those into a game, please feel free. I have more ideas on that list than I’ll ever be able to create in a lifetime. Just let me know what you come up with because I’ll be super curious!