Of illness, WoW, and weddings…

Project work at the ETC has been advancing at a steady yet exciting pace. I am finding myself facing a HUGE game design challenging: designing an interactive gameplay experience that can sustain an opt-in audience for 3 hours. Eek! Challenging, yes, but I can do it!

If you’re curious about my project this semester, you can read up about it here: http://etc.cmu.edu/projects/getinline

Progress has been impeded slightly by a few days of illness on my part. It’s been a strange sickness, with fever dreams and dizziness. It’s like having the feeling of having slept on a boat, and getting that leftover dizzy off-balance feeling even while awake. Bleh. I have been dutifully sent home and to bed day after day by my producer, advisors, and professors. I am TERRIBLE at being sick. I feel so guilty that I can’t be contributing! It’s a silly thing, I know, and logic brain knows…it’s emotional brain’s fault.

WoW has become much more exciting of a hobby since I nosed my Insomniacs into transferring their mains to my realm, and since some other ETC guildies were able to transfer their mains (the PvE -> PvP transfer enable was the best ever!). We are preparing for a guild Karazhan run, which will be the most fun ever! It’s almost like we’re a real guild, albeit a casual and super low-key one.

I am hoping my sickness subsides soon, for Kyle and Angel’s wedding is but a week away! How exciting!! It’ll be nice to spend time with the ballers on this happy occasion. I miss them terribly!