A note for anyone who still uses my email address, it is now officially non-existant as Centre begins their new year (*sniff*). Email me now at my address.

In other news, I really am on the verge of getting Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client, but the only thing holding me back is their lack of calendar (I use Outlook’s a bunch). Does anyone know of a good stand-alone free calendar program? I suppose if all else I’ll just get Thunderbird and then only use Outlook for its calendar from here on out.

Went to King’s Island yesterday, rode many roller coasters, had lots of fun.

Conglomeration is this weekend, and I’m pretty excited about it. I have a ton of art to put in the art show, so hopefully some of it will sell. If you’re in Louisville and have nothing to do this weekend you should check it out.

7 thoughts on “Notes”

  1. King’s Island is for the weak! And I use the calendar on my cell phone for everything, because it feels like it’s going to blow up whenever I forget anything. You do have a cell phone, you know.

  2. I’m using Thunderbird – it’s pretty much OK. And for the calendar thing i’m using “Rainlendar” since its free and easy to use. Just google for it and you’ll find it.

    1. That is actually an extension, rather than a standalone calendar. I’m not saying that because it’s bad — quite the opposite, in fact (: It can be loaded as an extension to Thunderbird, Firefox or the Mozilla Suite (there are separate installers for each). That means it could, hypothetically, tie in nicely to Thunderbird, but I haven’t tried it.

      There is a standalone version of the Mozilla calendar, called Sunbird:
      It’s like Firefox and Thunderbird (in that it’s based on the same codebase). I actually work with the chief maintainer. (:

      I haven’t used either the extension or Sunbird in ages now, so I don’t know how well they work. I’m going to try Sunbird soon though. (Mostly because my co-worker’s bugging me.)

      Whatever you choose, Wertle, I hope you find Thunderbird to your liking. I personally love it.


  3. Thanks everybody! I ended up going with the calendar extension, and it seems to suit my purposes. I might check out Sunbird sometime when it is more finalized.

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