So our next door neighbors visited us the other night to let us know that they were moving, because they didn’t want us to be surprised by seeing a For Sale sign going up suddenly in their yard. It’s just a typical move: their kids are growing up, they need some more space, and the house they have bought connects backyards with another family members’ house, allowing optimum running space for their still-growing dog.

It will be a strange feeling, though, watching them leave. I mean, although we are not super-close, we still got along very well with our neighbors. We watched their children growing up. They often came over to help us in our annual scare-the-little-kids haunted yard for halloween. Plus, there was a lot of casual, over-the-fence chatting.

They have a great big Yellow Lab, named Cleo, who has sort of become just as much our dog as theirs (the perfect dog ownership, all the perks and none of the responsibility, hehe!). It never failed that I would be away from home forever at school, but as soon as I came home and Cleo caught sight of me, she’d run around the yard all crazy-go-nuts, and I’d go throw sticks for her.

I dunno, I suppose having good next-door-neighbors that you get along with is something you can very easily take for granted. I’ll miss them, in a vague sort of way.