Mysteries Solved

So, remember when my parents’ computer had that problem with cryptic messages typing themselves out in text boxes? We discovered that it was the speech recognition function. See, I swapped monitors with them at the beginning of the school year, and my old monitor has a built-in microphone. So all those ghostly messages were just it trying to interpret various sounds: sneezes, coughs, mumblings, etc. Doh!

Today I was compiling a list of color that I need to buy to use for pieces for my senior show, and Holy Crap for Crap! Glass color is EXPENSIVE! x_x Even when I calculated the price for just half a kilo of each color bar I need, it was still quite a hefty sum.

Maybe I should sell/auction old glass pieces to raise money to buy color to use in new glass pieces. There must be some other things I can sell besides glass to raise money… *rummage rummage* …anybody want an upside-down running hourglass?

3 thoughts on “Mysteries Solved”

  1. I’d like one. I would finally have MORE spare time when i look at the hourglass. ^_^

    And regarding that mic in your monitor thing: Does that mean that you talk to yourself whilst sitting in front of the PC? XD *hides* ^_^

    1. Quiet you!

      Actually, I DO mumble to myself when I type on the computer. I don’t realize I do it, but if someone else is in the room while I’m having an IM conversation, they point it out to me ^_^;;;;

  2. ooooooo

    upside down hourglasses are coooool………especially when you need an hourglass for a show and you can’t find one for under $100 in all of L.A…….and then you have all the backwardxs time in the world

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