Missing Appetite

My appetite has gone missing again.

It vanished the first time, understandably, when Nancy was in the hospital, and then after she died, and then when my Nana died. Supposedly my appetite can not handle such stressors and chooses to leave until they pass.

I thought it was creeping back, and was looking forward to being back to normal, when it suddenly vanished again. I am unsure why. Perhaps the recent botched visit to the rheumatologist? Oh wait, I forgot to tell the internet that story. Later.

Anyway, I took myself to the grocery today intent on buying a treat–something to lure Appetite back from wherever it was hiding. I went up and down aisles, pointing to various tasty things. Do you want some fruit snacks, appetite? Remember how we used to be able to eat a whole box of those? What about some chocolate creme-filled donuts? Some tasty fruit, perhaps? We could make a smoothie! A steak for dinner, perhaps? What about some sugary breakfast cereal?

All to which Appetite replied “eh,” or “meh,” or “nah.” That is, until the end, when it said “take me home right now, or I’ll tell hands and wrists to flare up!” to which I said “but!” and then flaring and writhing ensued.

I’m not sure what to do, or if I should just not worry about it. I worry about too many things.