I like to consider myself an organized person, and I know many people would agree with me. However, true to the INFJ personality type, there is a part of me that will never be tidy.

Such is my constant struggle with my room. I feel like for the most part my room strives to achieve a moderately messy state. What usually happens is that I will clean it up to a sparkle, and within days there is a backlash, and suddenly it is 10 times messier than it was before I cleaned it.

It is like it’s trying to compensate for the fact that it was clean for a little while, so it has to be extra messy to make up for lost time. Tidiness is a constant battle.

Scott says that I should not worry about it; I should just relax and admit to myself that it is the way I am, and move on with my life. That certainly would save a lot of fret, I will admit, but sometimes accepting some truth about yourself can be more difficult than accepting a total stranger for who they are.

Maybe it is just the build-up of scoldings for being messy I have endured growing up, or just some weird cultural thing. Or maybe it stirs my logical side to battle. My room should be as organized as my inbox or my project binder. Resist! Resist!

Oh, what that I could just accept myself and thrive in my disarray!