No Christmas tree is too tough for our little Choppi!

It’s actually a vivid reminder of when we first found her, we had to brave the treacherous branches of a huge evergreen bush outside the dining hall to reach her.

4 thoughts on “Meow!”

  1. Heheheh. Cuuuuuute. She can tackle any tree! Go Choppi go!

    BTW, I’m going to be in Lexington for a scant 3 days for Christmas. Mid day the 22- mid day the 25th. Would you be in the area or would you be in Louisville? If we could meet up some time, that would be cool. If not, maybe next time. ^_^

    1. Star–I’ll be in Louisville, but if your schedule isn’t going to be insanely busy I’d still like to hang out (the 23rd would be my best bet for freedom).

      If not, oh well. Maybe if when Centre’s student art show goes up in the winter corresponds with you being in Lexington, you could come to that ^_^ We’ll figure out something

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