I wanted to follow up and post that, like green tea and rice, Kyle has introduced me to yet another useful awesome thing: Megabus!

I’m not really sure how these people stay in business, what with the ridiculous low prices, but it is a keen way to travel between big cities for cheap (that is, if you don’t mind long bus rides).

The Tears dropped me off in Cleveland and I Megabused back to Pittsburgh from there. I’m definitely looking into using this to visit Chicago. D Flo: PREPARE!

4 thoughts on “Megabus”

  1. Megabus is insane! I’ve never used it before myself, but geez, for less than the cost of a tank of gas, I could go to Pittsburgh! Well, plus a little extra for gas money to get to a Megabus terminal that has stops there 😛 I might actually use that next year to get to AC (now if they had stops in California I’d be set for FC too 😛

    1. True enough, I am lucky in that my hometown is one of their city stops. I am spoiled 🙂

      Though, if I wanted to megabus back to Louisville I’d have to go from Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Toledo to Chicago to Louisville, so it miiight not be worth it in that regard 😉

      1. Lucky 😛 I gotta drive 3-5 hours to get to I think the Milwaukee terminal, then catch another bus in Chicago to get anywhere! Ah well, still a lot cheaper than the $60 I’d spend on gas for a one way trip to Pittsburgh.

        And yeah, though it would be cheaper, it would certainly take a lot more time to go that route! Easily twice as long, if not longer!

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