Even though I was a total slug yesterday, I’ve been getting some work accomplished today. I’ve been going through my piles of stored junk and sorting it…stuff to keep, stuff to find a new home for, stuff to throw away, stuff to store…that sort of thing

I’m particularly proud of myself for finally getting my large pile of photos dated and organized into an album and an “extra” box, it took up the bulk of the morning. Dating pictures is one of those things that I hate doing, but know I’ll regret later if I don’t do it. Nice to have that pile finished with.

After sorting together a bunch of random papers and bits of memories–programs, newspaper clippings, notes, etc.–I pondered, “What can I do with all these scraps of things?” Scrapbook, duh >_< So that's another project to contend with, though I think it will be a good one. I love keeping stuff for memories, but have no good way of storing it beyond throwing a bunch of papers in a box; a scrapbook would work nicely. Another big project will be going through my piles of notebooks and school papers. I keep EVERYTHING, right down to high school, because I like to go through my papers and snip out the little doodles I've drawn. My papers have backed up considerably through college, so I'd like to get through them quickly so I can cut out the drawings and doom the piles of paper to recycling. I've already cleared up several storage boxes--only to be refilled with different items, of course, but oh well. Well, back to cleaning, I suppose.

One thought on “Meeeemorieeeees”

  1. *pat pat*

    Atta girl! I do the same thing, and I should go through my stuff soon too.

    I also keep old pictures that I liked with plans to redo them. Granted, I have actually yet to redo any of them, but I will! I WILL!

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