Today in theory…

The Pumping Theorem:

Let L be a regular language.
Then there exists n >=1 such that any string w that is an element of L with |w|>n,
there exists x, y, z so that w can be rewritten as w=xyz, such that y !=e, |xy|<=n, and xy^iz is an element of L for each i>=0.

Me: “So, where does the n come from?”
Dr. McAllister: “Oh, well, the n is sorta like magic.”
Class: “Ah,, yes *note note note*.”

4 thoughts on “Maaaaaagic”

  1. Reminds me of a special song written by Queen. XD
    Our teacher always tendet to say “use your imagination” when we asked where the variables come from.

    Math and imagination…. uh huh! ¬_¬

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