Lisa’s Childhood Drawings

I have a bunch of image files that are scans of drawings I did as a child. I’ve had the scans for ages, but I always forget I have them, and then rummage through my old files and find them and am delighted. I’ve probably even made a blog post on them in the past, but can’t dig it up at the moment, so let’s go through them, shall we?

Counter-clockwise starting at left: A dragon, some manner of creature hiding in a dark hole, a mouse, and the┬áHorsehead boss from The Adventure of Link, who was a personal favorite of mine as a child.┬áThat game came out in 1988, so let’s just assume I was 6 years old when I drew this.

This one I think is also around 6 years old, and I still remember the story. The fireman mouse was teaching citizen lion about electrical cord safety. It’s not going well.

Some kind of 6-year-old-Lisa homage to Escher featuring video game characters. You can see some shy-guys, the Spy vs Spy characters, Mouser, Toad, and a few enemies from Bubble Bobble.

This one needs some context. This is actually the center panel of a huge landscape, made of about 5 sheets of paper taped together. The landscape is for the most part normal and natural, featuring trees, mountains, lakes, fields of grass and flowers, and a few birds. However, in the dead center panel in the middle of the field is this baby grand piano. I have no idea. I will never know. Moral: Parents, write down the stories your kids tell you about their drawings.

A piece of fan-art featuring characters from a favorite childhood show: Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (ran from 87-88, so let’s assume I was 5-6 here). This is clearly an underwater adventure. Here we have Soaron, my favorite character (although a bad guy, still my favorite) being wooed by a female Soaron mermaid cyborg. Meanwhile, Tank is dismayed at the fact that Hawk has been eaten by a shark. The Jellyfish in the lower right is a girl, you can tell because of the bow. The dog does not have 6 legs, but is dog-paddling rapidly. The octopus is just happy to be there.

This raccoon has been tasked with teaching the shark the merits of oral hygiene, but can only reach the shark by surfing. The shark seems dumbfounded, but attentive, his own toothbrush at the ready.

An early abstraction. Or the view down an alligator’s mouth. Probably one of those two.

Now we’re getting into stuff from when I was a little older. Probably around 10. I had braces when I was young, and my orthodontist was an avid Far Side fan. While waiting to be clamped or banded, there was never a shortage of Far Side collection books to read. It seems to have had an influence on me.

Yeah, definitely Far Side influenced.

Seem to be some cow lizard creatures. I think they were sisters, and a little wacky. Have they murdered the stick man? Or did he just faint at the shock of seeing such strange creatures as the cow-lizard?