Li’l Kitty Jam Jams

Grah! I couldn’t stand my horrible custom theme anymore, so I went back to the default one until I can get some design sense under my belt.

Anyway, I glossed over this in my Atlanta Trip post, but I feel like it deserves a little more than a passing mention.

So, since the winter, and like February or something, I have been helping Will with his “super secret project,” of which I’m sure many of you have heard me refer to. It has been good fun times and a ton of work. We spent all summer creating an animated trailer for an idea for a series.

I started out as purely a web lackey, and then turned into the producer (which just means I’m a stage manager, without the stage). And then I was taught how to animate. Anyway, the trailer isn’t totally finished, but it is certainly getting there. You all should pop over the website and check it out

So, Will is back at SCAD and starting to wrangle up interested people to put some episodes together for Beecon (which is SCAD’s student TV station thing-a-do). That means if you know any SCADians, send them his way 🙂

So we are way interested in feedback. I didn’t spend all summer slaving over a 2 minute animation not to get feedback (I’m still slaving, in fact, as we continue to clean up the trailer).