Lent and such

This Lent I have a few smaller goals vs. one big one. No soft drinks, which isn’t so much a drastic change as a clamp down on an already dwindling habit. I really only ever have soft drinks on Tuesdays, and occasionally if I go out to eat for lunch or on the weekend. This is a closing of the gap, so to speak.

Also, I am reducing my WoW time to 7 hours a week to be condensed or spread out to my liking. I’ve been making a to-do list a mile long of tiny tasks and odd jobs to be done this Lent, and I can also devote the extra time to applying for scholarships. I’ve sent in applications for three so far, which I feel is a pretty good pace, but there are quite a few in March and April that I’ll have to be more diligent on. So it isn’t so much a “less WoW” as a “replace one unit of WoW with one of these other tasks to do.” The distinction is important, otherwise I’d just go back to napping all the time.

Other news:
– on Friday I’m getting my hair chopped off to donate to hopefully end up on some alopecia areata-stricken child’s head.
– Brendan took pictures of the puppy last night, and I’m saying this so he’ll post them on Flickr or some such so I can share them with the world
– My great-grandmother of 104 years old finally passed away this week. More on this later.