Scott came to Kempo tonight! And he enjoyed it! Hooray!

I don’t talk about Kempo much on here, do I? Possibly never, seeing as I didn’t even have a category set up for it.

I always intend to write a big long “about Kempo” post, but I never seem to have words for it. We will just leave it that it is important to me, possibly the most important. I started when I was 16 and I shall continue for many many years to come. Further explanation requires a high level of word crafting which I have not yet achieved, and possibly never will (I am not a word magician, like some of you others).

I am just excited that I am finally dragging some of my friends into this, so they can see for themselves what I can’t explain (though it will take a lengthy time of it). Brendan and Maria, you are next!