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I’m a big fan of the 5 question interviews, so I asked for one.

1. Who is Wertle? How is Wertle the dragon a part of Lisa the person?

Geez, I didn’t know the first question would be such a hard one! Anyway…

Wertle started out as just a name. It actually originated back in the 5th or 6th grade or so, when a friend of mine was doing an adlibs on the computer. It asked for a name, so she typed w-e-r-t-y across the top of the keyboard, then added l to create Wertyl. I was very taken with the name, and asked if I could have it to use. She said yes, and I changed the spelling a bit to suit me better.

After that, Wertle was a character that I drew and wrote stories about. It was always a dragon (at one point came close to being a gryphon), though the type and gender changed around a bit. By highschool I had solidified Wertle into a standard Western female color-changing dragon, appearing more often than not in a cartoony form.

Since then, Wertle had changed from a mascot to an avatar to a representation of my imaginative self. Dragons have always been important to me, and she does have a strong connection to my spirituality, though my spirituality is a muddlesome explanation that I haven’t been able to formulate properly, so we’ll just leave it to what you know abuot me that is true.

She changes over time. Honestly, I made her a color-changing dragon because, at the time, I couldn’t decide what colors I liked best. Now, however, she’s settled into a certain stable scheme, and I may consider just calling it that (though I haven’t decided, the color-changing bit is a good attribute.)

All in all, Wertle represents things about me I wish to retain, or have misplaced since being younger and wish to gain back. She takes the world in stride, is fairly fearless, and embodies my silly imaginative part.

2. Do you find any sort of transformation or magick in the art of blowing glass?

I don’t know much about magick, but there is definately powerful energy in working with glass. It’s so different from any other medium I’ve worked with. It has so many states and ways of moving, you really have to work *with* the medium, rather than just *work* the medium. It’s such an active thing, like, you have to be actively involved with what you’re doing, and it requires a certain intense sort of focus from me that I rarely experience in anything else. It’s a mesmerizing thing, you can’t control it, you just have to reach a compromise (whoa, that sounded a bit dorky…oh well! ^_^)

3. If you were a series of movements, sounds, shapes, and colours, what would you be?

Movement? Hugs, plain and simple. Anyone whom I’ve befriended in person would probably agree. I like to be an encompassing sort of comfort mechanism.

Sounds is trickier, but I would say the combination of the tree frogs, crickets, and other nighttime critters that make up a summer night chorus in Kentucky. I’ve never really been connected to it consciously before, until I spent this summer up here, where it’s been noticeably different.

Shapes…fractals! Okay, I don’t really know if fractals count as shapes, but that’s my choice. It looks complex to begin with, but then you zoom in and each complexity is more complex, and you zoom in on those and find even *more* complexities, and you keep zooming and finding and zooming and finding until you’re lost from the total shape altogether!

I’ve always had a connection to cool colors…deep blues and purples. It’s just sort of always been like that.

Do you have any serious pet peeves?

Yes. One is loud, imposing noises, like snoring or power tools. They evoke in me inexplicable rage like I have never felt. Working in and around the scene shop this summer has remedied that somewhat, but I still have to wear ear protection (to save my hearing and to save those around me from grinding rage!). Stupid router, it’s the worst, stupid stupid router.

The second is a situation in which a person has a problem with someone, complains about it to no end, makes mean comments and defenses, and yet never talks to the person in question or does ANYTHING to move towards solving the problem.

5. Describe the interior of the perfect room for you.

Hmmmmmm….Lot’s of little levels and shelves to crawl upon and curl up among, drawers to no end for keeping things in, a large, comfortable, accomodating sitting arrangement for guests, a big clear workspace in the middle, windchimes hanging from the ceiling, aaaand…..a firepole, sliding board to the room below, and secret passage. yes.

Fun times! I guess I’ll follow everyone else’s lead. Post here if you want ME to ask YOU 5 questions.

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      1. 1. So what is the Great Penguin, really, and where did it come from?

        2. What has been the greatest influence on your life outlook thus far?

        3. If you could have anything as a pet, void all would-be hassles involved, what would it be?

        4. What are your plans for the near future?

        5. Do you have a certain place which you are attached to? Describe

      2. (repost of Drew’s questions)

        1. If you could acquire any new skill, what would it be?

        2. What animal do you see yourself most as. Would others agree with you, or see you as something different?

        3. What is your favorite scent?

        4. What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in your life thus far?

        5. What was it like growing up in Harlan (do you know Ginger and Strother?)

  1. Skill? Shapeshifting. Like Morph from X-Men.

    2. Honestly? A lazy cat. I guess others see me that way, maybe a penguin.

    3. Caramel. Always loved it.

    4. Making it through Harlan for 17 years.

    6. Terrible. I hated it and yeah, I know Ginger and Strother.

    1. Ah good! I accidentally put that set of questions under GP instead of your post, and was going to move it. I’ll have to retype the questions when I get another chance

    1. 1. What is one quality of yourself that you’ve retained from your childhood that you feel makes you a better person today?

      2. What is one quality about yourself that you’ve lost since your childhood and wish you’d still retained it?

      3. How are you actively going to make your last year at Centre the best it can possibly be?

      4. Explain your connection to music.

      5. If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be and why?

    1. 1. What artist is your biggest influence?

      2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

      3. What are your beliefs about love?

      4. We all know you ditest coconut, but what is your favorite flavor?

      5. What’s the most important thing you learned at Centre?

    1. 1. Tell me about Feanarth the dragon and his connection to you as a person?

      2. What is your earliest memory?

      3. Do you think you’ll end up living in Germany for the rest of your life, or do you think you’ll travel and live around the world?

      4. What is your dream profession?

      5. If you had to pick a song to represent you, what would it be and why?

      1. 1. For that i have to strike out a bit: My fascination in dragons came quite late, namely with the film “Dragonheart”. That film somehow touched my heart in a way i didnt expect it to do and made me look for anything “dragon” in the web (i got my first ISDN access that time i think). The name Feanarth is only 2 years old – I stumbled across a new MMORPG named “Horizons” which will be the first RPG with dragons as playable race. There was also a first concept picture, well more a big wallpaper with that orange-red dragon. I liked that pic since the dragon had that noble look on it combined with a slim figure very similar to mine. I dunno if that really was an decision argument back then and eastern (slim) dragon may have suited me better regarding that factor, but i liked that horizons picture more because of that “may be playable soon” bonus. 😉
        The name Feanarth is only 2 years old – Somehow i came up with the idea that a dragon must have an “TH” ending like “Khisanth” from the famous Dragonlance-saga. I searched the web a bit for dragon names and found a site with Tolkien-Dragon names which werent used in the novel. There i found the name “Feanarth” which is to be translated with “Spirit Fire” – Perfect for a Firedragon and also suits me and (sometimes) a bit hot temper. ^^””
        Then there is Fen’s tail that also has a background: That tail allows him to swim pretty fast – And its also something that suits me. I dont swim fast, but i have a big affection to water (namely scuba-diving, water-skiing).
        Nothing really big though is Fen’s dragon Name “Xar Thaeros” – Thats just an modified greek word for dragon (Xarthos). ;D
        And why a dragon? Well i guess that doesnt need explaining. I just love their high ideals because i’m also a real “fair play” guy. (guess i can say at least that without exxagerating or so 😉 ).

        2. EGAD! Thats a tough one o_O
        Well if i have to confine myself to one memory, i guess that was something scary: My brother played “Alone in the Dark1” (Horror) on his PC in which a Werewolf jumped through the window and broke glass with a really loud noise. I guess i was 3-4 years old around then – I can’t really understand why i was that scared since that thing consisted of a few polygons and hardly looked like a wolf – But i couldn’t sleep for many days after that. o_O

        3.Oh god no! Well i love my country, have no problems with germany and also no hurry to leave my parents ASAP. But i always loved to travel, thanks to my father that is. I guess 7 times to Canada, Italia, 2 times Gran Canaria, 3 times Egypt and 1 time to Africa for safari speak for themselves. 😉
        I love seeing other countries, especially the eastern culture is on my “must see” list – And i dunno, maybe i start lovin a country that much that i decide to move there. 😉

        4.Also something i really came up late with – All other young kids had some “standart” dreams like “being a mechanic, astronaut, pilot.
        I was confronted with PCs and gaming pretty early thanks to my bigger brother – I guess testin games would be one of my favourites, the other one is a bit more ambitious: “Webdesigner” – But not just one of millions but one that makes sites people really KNOW.

        5.You couldn’t come up with something MORE difficult, eh? XD
        *cough* well…ehrm…. x_X *looks at a list of about 6300 songs* ¬_¬
        I had lots of songs i really listened a 1000 times or even more, A-Ha “minor earth major sky” or “ATB – Hero” just to name 2 of em. I also think that music is something that is listened according to someone’s mood and also interpreted different by each person. Music is one of the most versatile languages of our world – right next to art. In fact i love that comparison: We create to express things, put our soul into it – and yet it is understood completely different by many folks.
        Long story short: If i really would’ve to choose ONE song i guess it will be a one from the “CLASSICAL” sector because i had a 7 year long piano education and usually just played pieces from that genre – They usually are pages long with different topics within one piece – And i guess that would describe a persons life in the best way.

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